Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Remembrance: Little Michael Jackson

"When I/ Had You/
I Treated You Ba-a-a-a-a-ad
But Since/ You've Been Away/
Don't You Know I Sit Around
With My Head Hanging Down
And I Wonder
Who's Loving You?

I buried my Michael Jackson years ago.

But today, I can't help mourning again the special little boy who lit up a world of possibilities for a generation learning to believe.

He was a little dream boy. The powerful, jive-talking, rhyme-making, blues-singing, rug-ripping genius.

Just Black & Soulful. Just Precious.

And all America loved him - All the world. But we didn't love him enough.

Somewhere, he lost his way. We all did. In the end, it seemed even Michael Jackson was searching for the little boy he'd once been.

I wish we had done more to Protect him. I wish we had Taught him that he was a beautiful, shining wonder, just as he was. I wish we had given him honest, tough Love when he so badly needed it. I wish we had done Better by him.

I wish we had done more than just dance

I Hope that next time around, we'll remember to keep a gift so precious. . . precious.

Rest in Peace, Little Michael Jackson.

You can read New York Times coverage on Michael Jackson's life and passing here.

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Voice ("I'll Be There" Jackson 5)

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