Monday, January 18, 2010

Kid Prodigy Triple Majors at Morehouse - Blogger Reconsiders Her Life

If you have a moment for a warm story, you may want to check out Stephen Stafford II, a 13-year-old budding scientist and Morehouse student who has apparently been flooring his professors for some time now. Not surprisingly, Stephen is a product of rigorous home-schooling. His main teacher - mom, is interviewed in the piece, as is his father, Stafford, Sr.

Nothing like parental units/guardians full of love and on a mission to do the best for their kids. The story also points to a lot of community support. Looks like it's paying off. Stafford will receive both his high school diploma and his bachelors degree(s) - in math, computer science and pre-med in 2012. Then it's off to Morehouse Medical School.

I need to go rethink some things and like...get into another degree program or on a couple more books or something. Clearly, I've been wasting valuable time.

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