Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama, "Big Mama", & The NYT

Sen. Barack Obama rushed to grandmother Madelyn Dunham's side Thursday.

The same day, the New York Times issued an endorsement in his favor.

This marks the third in a sweep of the country's most influential papers. The Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune officially backed the candidate last week.

In the same news cycle, some pundits have suggested Obama risks political peril by choosing family loyalty.

I'm not sure where America took a left - or a right - on these matters. Sure, I'm still a little wet behind the ears, but wasn't there a time when this type of matter wasn't even up for discussion?

Seriously, Ya'll. Has America lost all respect?

When did seeing about Big Mama - or "Toot" - become a campaign liability?

Seems "family values" is only a useful term when it can be used to squelch the rights of gay folk and heterosexual women.

The New York Times piece was likely in the works before Sen. Obama's announcement, but it's emergence helps illustrates what this lengthy and arduous campaign period has demonstrated time and again.

Folks in America know that the measure of a candidate can't be assessed in a speech. A candidate's sense of priorities, both political and personal, speaks volumes.

Domestic policy has been at the forefront of my decision making.

But let's keep it real for a minute: It hasn't been difficult for me to choose between a man who betrayed an ailing wife and a man who clearly loves and respects his wife family as much as I do mine.

A President who turns his back on responsibility to family would certainly do the same to his country. This election - more than ever - we just can't risk that.

The Times Editorial Board agrees: "This country needs sensible leadership, compassionate leadership, honest leadership and strong leadership. Barack Obama has shown that he has all of those qualities."

Indeed he has.

He's shown it on the campaign trail, and he's shown it at his dying grandmother's bedside.

Sen. Obama on Grandmother's illness

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