Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Yes We Can" Mixtape - Obama Approved

The Green Lantern and Russell Simmons mixtape has hit the web, reports

I'm sampling the hour-long offering now. The mixtape includes the work of artists like Busta, Kanye, and Nas, and contains mostly new material.

I'm jammin' too hard, by the way. Can't sit still. And I'm a little misty.


I can't remember the last time I could listen to this much hip hop at once without having to wince at the now ubiquitous tired rotation of "bitch/hoe/profanity - add water" mix. A little creativity is refreshing.

And hearing a bevy of Hip Hop's best coming together to spit politics? Let's just say I'm going to leave this one on repeat.

I'm looking at some of these artists a little differently, too. Some of them could have gone into politics. It's just a matter of direction. Hell, some of them still can. More importantly, some of their young listeners may choose city hall, instead of the mic. Or instead of the ball.

Or now, they could choose all 3.

As I listen, I can't help thinking of a portion from the street film "Letter to the President", narrated by Snoop Dogg. One of the laments of the film is that Jesse Jackson missed the opportunity to embrace the power of the hip hop community after a street anthem was penned in his honor during a bid for the Democratic nomination.

By sanctioning this street praise homage, Sen. Obama has made yet another step toward the youth and working people who have consistently gone overlooked in the political discourse.

A Jay-Z interview featured early in the mix says it best. For Black America, Obama's candidacy signals to black people that "We as a people are part of the American Dream"

The same could be said, by the way, of disenfranchised people across America.

But Sen. Obama's campaign has given us a new vision to talk about. More than that, we've got something to vote about.

And now, we've got something to dance about. Here's the link.

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Ok, I'm a new fan!!!! I love the site!!! I wish I took more time to write it all out.